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The essay is the brief piece of writing specifying and describing a subject in hand. An essay is characterized by two features ‘Originality’ and ‘Preciseness’. The essay is categorized into two broad categories- A formal essay and an informal essay. Formal essay is featured with seriousness, length, dignity and is written in the interest of the organization. An informal essay is written with a humour, stating one’s own individual thought over the subject, rambling structure, and sarcastic tone in order to develop and maintain reader’s interest in the content. It is important to note that none of the issues is required to be exaggerated in the essay. The essay is used in debates and discussions, as a political manifesto or as a literary criticism. An essay can be related to any subject and over any issue regarding the subject. It can be written on archaeology, history, society, arts, science and technology, geography, environment, industry or any other subject. An essay is divided into the various sections of an introduction, body of the essay, and the conclusion. An apt title for an essay is necessary so as to be in the buzz. The introduction should state the topic, and problems or the key point which are going to be further elaborated. The body of an essay cover the key points in details and the related data. It is recommended to end an essay with attention-seeking the conclusion. A writer may not have any prior information of the subject. This may be due to lack of reading practice. He may not able to generate an appropriate content and lack the correct expression of the language to be used. This may be due to the lack of writing and reading practices. A writer may not issue an appropriate title for their essay and as a result they lose their reader. The writer may face writer’s block and feel challenging to come up with new ideas. This may be due to the disturbing environment or internal affairs with which they are living. Our team of expert writers is there to help students as well as industry professional with our custom essay writing service. One can go hassle free by availing our service and save abundant of time doing other essential work. We ensure to provide 100% plagiarism free data. We assure to implement only the required and appropriate linguistic expression without any grammatical mistakes in the content. We refer to only the highly graded literary resources to write the essay. Our experts have years of experience in writing the essay and other literary pieces and so we entertain order from all across the globe and on any subject. We ensure to deliver the essay within the specified time limit and each of our client’s requirements is met. We ensure that a proper synchronization is developed between the writers and the client, so that customer doesn’t feel deserted after once availing our service. We also provide personal assistance that could help the customer getting over their fear of writing and help them transforming into a confident and independent writer. The personal mentors will keep a close watch over the client’s progress and will provide with the sample paper, conduct tests and provide relevant content and resources to read.